Title Insurance

Title Insurance provides you, the policyholder, the best possible chance to avoid title claims and financial loss. Titles can be limited by rights and claims asserted by others, which can limit your use of the property; Title insurance is your defense against these as well as any hazards that may go along with the purchase of property.

Owners and Encumberance / Title Report

Title Reports can be issued for a property an individual is interested in, but not purchasing at that time. It does not provide insurance, but provides valuable information about the property such as outstanding deed of trust, possible liens, and most recent owners.

Residential Closing and Escrow Services

Here at Legend we provide all necessary services to properly conduct your closing. We will work with the realtor, lender, buyer/seller, etc. to ensure that your closing statement is an accurate representation of the sale.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Legend has handled the most complex of commercial real estate closing in the area. We understand the need for flexibility and professionalism; we will work to accommodate the needs of both buyer and seller.

Why Legend Land Services

Here at Legend we believe we can provide you with all of you land service needs with the utmost professionalism.

What You Get

Timely and professional responses to any and all of your land service questions. As well as a warm welcoming environment for all of our face to face meetings.